Walking in Stilettos is coming to you

Meet Chyna Whyne: ‘The High Heels Guru’ as seen on Britain’s Next Top Model, Vivienne Westwood Exhibition, L.A. Fashion Week and GMTV.

While performing with Bob Dylan, Seal, Peter Gabriel, The Who and Eric Clapton (to name a few), Chyna Whyne regularly wore high heels. The result was chronic and debilitating lower back pain. Following a particularly gruelling world tour, it was impossible to go on…

That’s the moment Chyna encountered the Alexander Technique, and began developing her own female-focused methodology. As a result, she learned to wear heels without limit and unleash her own limitless potential.

For three years, Chyna synthesised the best of Alexander Technique with her own learnings and creativity; shaping the basis of a practice she and the Chyna dolls team now share with women the world over.

In sharing these unique and easy to master principles, thousands of women across the world have learned to master the art of walking tall in heels, and life. Saying goodbye to poor posture and physical pain, and learning to carry themselves with maximum self-confidence.

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